There are more than two dozen exhibitors located around the Smart Energy Expo site. Come and visit, say hello, have a chat and discover how they can help you SEE The Future through sustainable solutions. Listed in alphabetical order:

Alchemy Charge installs small chargers which turn existing power points into chargers for electric vehicles. This allows EV owners to avoid the need for costly EV infrastructure and power upgrades. The company’s SmartPoint is particularly well suited to strata buildings.
Asian Australians for Climate Solutions is a group of people who are passionate about the climate and environment. The organisation is dedicated to increasing awareness of these issues among the nation’s diverse Asian communities. One of its key campaigns is to persuade people that they can cook their favourite dishes just as well, if not better, on induction as with gas.
The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is Australia’s premier environmental organisation. It campaigns on a wide range of issues, including climate change, environmental law, clean energy, nuclear energy, sustainability, water management and Indigenous land rights. With regard to renewables, ACF pushes for the accelerated closure of coal-fired power plants and a just transition for communities and workers affected by the transition.
The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) is a passionate, not-for-profit organisation driven by a dedicated team of volunteers who share a common vision: accelerating Australia’s transition towards sustainable, electric transportation. Established in 1973 in response to the oil crisis, AEVA takes pride in being the world’s oldest continuously operating electric vehicle society. It believes in the power of collaboration and education to create a greener future.
Burwood Council represents an area in the heart of Sydney’s inner west. It is one of 25 local governments that have joined forces to source their electricity from renewables. The agreement, which came into effect at the beginning of 2023, requires councils to source at least 78 percent of their electricity from wind, solar and other forms of clean energy. Burwood Council has chosen to go 100 percent renewable.
Canada Bay Zero Carbon Community (CBZCC) is a group of volunteers passionate about achieving net zero emissions in the City of Canada Bay. Its goal is to work with Canada Bay Council to reduce local emissions to zero well before the current goal of 2050. To do this, it organises free solar information nights in partnership with the Council and Inner West Community Energy.
City of Canada Bay Council represents the area on the southern side of the Parramatta River, stretching from Drummoyne to Rhodes. The Council is noted for its many sustainability initiatives. These include the installation of heat pumps in the area’s public pools, support for local schools to go solar, and sourcing its electricity from renewables. In 2021, it won the Overall Sustainable Cities Award for NSW.
Logo of Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay on white backgroundClimate Action Burwood-Canada Bay (CABCB) is a non-partisan grassroots organisation based in the Burwood, Canada Bay and Strathfield local government areas and Reid federal electorate on Wangal Land. CABCB is not affiliated with any political party or religious faith. Its goal is to inform and engage the local community about the climate crisis and the solutions available to address it, and to influence business and governments to take strong and urgent climate action.
Emerald Planet aspires to enable a sustainable safer future by designing, building, manufacturing and distributing high performance energy-efficient products. Emerald sells heat pumps with built-in Wi-Fi for smart control, as well as other energy-saving devices like smart thermostats, LiveLlinks and Electricity Advisors.
EnergyZE North Shore is a not-for-profit, non-political group of North Shore residents dedicated to supporting and engaging the local community to reduce emissions, hasten the transition to renewables and protect biodiversity. The group’s slogan is “Let’s go for zero!”
EV Stealth specialises in towbars for electric vehicles. Its goal is to accelerate the EV transition, by expanding the EV experience. The company manufactures towing solutions locally in Australia, and sources the best quality products from around the world that align with its values in promoting sustainable transportation.
FONZ Moto is on a mission to change the way people get from A to B. Lightning acceleration. Zero emissions. The company has built a range of electric two-wheel vehicles to suit any rider, whether they’re looking for an easy commute or an adrenaline rush, FONZ has the right bike.
The Good Earth Group specialises in net zero solutions for homes and business. Net zero allows you to move towards a brighter future for the planet, while at the same time giving you the option of independence from the electricity grid. The Good Earth Company installs solar panels, batteries, heat pumps, air conditioning systems and much more. ‘Electrify everything’ is the company’s mantra.
Inner West Community Energy (IWCE) is an independent community group formed by local people, keen to promote energy efficiency and solar energy in Sydney’s Inner West. It provides practical advice and solutions for individuals, businesses and community organizations that would like to install solar systems. Solar electricity is clean, it’s good for the climate, it promotes local jobs and it saves people money.
Lug+Carrie is on a mission to replace half of all car trips under 5km in Australia’s cities by 2030. It has carefully curated a line of products designed to help people make the switch from driving to riding. It offers a range of eBikes, refurbished eBikes, and accessories to find the right solution for people’s needs. The company believes efficient transport solutions should be affordable, fun and ecologically sustainable.
Five Dock MG is a major dealer of electric vehicles in Sydney’s inner west. Conveniently located at 692-964 Parramatta Road, opposite Rosebank College, it sells the Excite 51 and 64, the Essence 64 and the Long Range 77. Test drives are available at the dealership and at the Smart Energy Expo.
Two years ago, students from Queenwood school began restoring a 1975 Suzuki Carry ute, and have now converted it to an electric vehicle. It was used as a dumpster for 25 years before the girls found it and began the conversion process. The vehicle will be at the expo, along with some of the students who have been working on it. To see a timeline of the project, click here.
REC is a manufacturer of high performance solar panels. In 2024, it was awarded “Best Solar Panels” and “Best After-Sales Support” for the second consecutive year by Australian solar industry peers, with 45 percent of the vote. REC will be premiering a new, innovative 460W high performing panel at both the SHEC/RenewCo stall and the Net Zero Strata Living stall at the expo.
Renew is a national, not-for-profit organisation that inspires, enables and advocates for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. Established in 1980, Renew provides expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions for the home to households, government and industry. The organisation has helped thousands of people save money and reduce their environmental footprint with information on energy efficiency, solar power, rainwater tanks, materials reuse and waste.
RenewCo Solar is focused on delivering best in market solar and battery system designs, with a focus on maintaining the highest standards in installation quality and post installation support. It delivers residential, commercial and off grid applications, with the ambition of helping Australia reach its net zero target with through a differentiated approach and the leveraging of expertise.
Sky High Energy Control is Sydney’s first independent cleantech energy consultancy. The company’s goal is to help households secure affordable and more desirable home living by preparing them for energy independence. It approaches energy cost saving needs with a holistic mindset – balancing how best to generate rooftop solar power with how to become more energy efficient.
The Smart Energy Council is the peak not-for-profit organisation representing the solar, storage and smart energy industries. With corporate members across Australia, it is committed to clean, efficient, cheap and smart energy solutions. In 2024 the SEC is celebrating its 70th year in existence. (It was formerly known as the Australian Solar Council.)
Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organization working to protect and grow renewable energy and clean transport in Australia. The Electric Ute Roadshow aims to highlight how sensible transport policies like Fuel Efficiency Standards will give people the choice of more efficient, affordable and diverse vehicles that are suitable for the regions – including the much-loved Aussie tradition of utes.
Sustainability Now works with businesses, strata and local & state governments, to help electrify apartment blocks. Its founder, Ethan Burns, has been a key consultant partner in the City of Sydney Smart Green Apartments Program, Ku-ring-gai Council Smart Units Program, Waverley Council Second Nature Program and NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Energy Saver Program.
Sydney EV Chargers is the leading provider of residential EV charging solutions in Sydney. With an extensive selection of EV chargers for both residential and commercial customers, Sydney EV Chargers offers a range of benefits that no other EV charging provider can match. Its residential EV charging solutions are designed to meet the needs of every customer, making the company an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to charge their electric vehicle.
The Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) was established in 2016 to promote ownership, enthusiasm, and knowledge-sharing among members towards Tesla vehicles and affiliated products. TOCA also aims to promote Tesla’s mission statement, lobby on behalf of its members, and operate as an incorporated club under its registered rules and committee-determined operational procedures.
Turo logo white text on black backgroundTuro is a car-sharing app that operates similarly to Airbnb and is positioned as an alternative to rental car companies. Whether it’s an SUV, a pickup truck or a classic sports car for a special night out, the company helps you find the perfect vehicle for all kinds of occasions and budgets. Just enter a location and a date, then you can browse hundeds of cars shared by local hosts. Discounts are available for attendees at the Smart Energy Expo.
ZapCat is a social enterprise helping Australians transition their homes to clean energy. It allows people to get instant online costings, savings and rebate estimates for for solar power, heat pumps, EV chargers, induction cooking and heating/cooling. Zapcat helps them connect with trusted local installers when they are ready to make the switch.