We will be conducting four panels at the Smart Energy Expo. See our program for session times.
These are our panellists (note this list is subject to change and further announcements):

National Energy Strategy | In Your Home | Electric Vehicles | Councils

National Energy Strategy (10.35-11.25am)

This panel will look at what is being done and what needs to be done to transform our energy sector in Australia and decarbonise the economy.

Julia Zemiro (chair) is one of Australia’s most recognisable television faces, having made her name in shows like RocKwiz (SBS), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (ABC) and Fisk (ABC). From 2008 to 2016 she co-hosted Australia’s coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest. With a work ethic to match her talent, she has also been the captain’s pick for many high-profile international interviews and specials including, Louis Theroux, Bill Bryson, Stephen Fry, Michael Mosley, Peter Capaldi and Brian Cox (Stargazing Live). More recently, she was also a panellist at the Smart Energy Council Conference in March 2024.
Tim BuckleyTim Buckley is the Director of Climate Energy Finance Australasia, a think tank established in 2022 that works on accelerating decarbonisation in line with climate science. He has 30 years of financial market experience, covering the Australian, Asian and global equity markets. He was formerly the Director of Energy Finance Studies Australia, and was the Head of Equity Research at Citigroup for 17 years until 2008. He appears frequently on television, and is a regular contributor to Australia’s mainstream newspapers and journals like RenewEconomy. He is also a regular speaker at conferences, forums and renewable energy expos.
John Grimes has been CEO of the Smart Energy Council since 2008. He is a bold advocate for the smart energy industry, and sits on a number of expert reference committees and boards providing advice to several state governments and the energy sector. John started his career as an officer in the Air Force, and went on to found and grow a number of companies. He has a passion for the solar, storage and the smart energy industry. John is regularly called upon by the media to provide relevant and independent comment in these areas.
Kate Minter is the managing director of Rewiring Australia, a non-profit, independent, non-partisan organisation dedicated to presenting the the cost savings, emissions reductions and energy system benefits of electrification. Her background is in research and campaigning on pressing social equity issues, including women’s safety and the rights of migrant and gig-economy workers. At Rewiring Australia she coordinates the research-based advocacy that drives the organisation.

In Your Home (11.35am-12.25pm)

This panel will look at how households and businesses can save energy and cut their power bills – at the same time reducing emissions and fighting climate change.

Norman Koslowski (Chair) is Principal Consultant at Sky High Energy Control, Sydney’s first independent cleantech energy consultancy. Sky High focuses on future proofing quality home living by specifying a mix of best performing solar and energy-saving technologies. Norman also works with Net Zero Apartments 2030. Norman can advise on technology for desirable home living, high performance solar systems, batteries and EV chargers, solar power sharing, solar heat pumps for hot water storage and pools, and home air cooling and ventilation.
Sarah Aubrey is one of Australia’s top voice actors. She was the voice of Channel 7 for 15 years, won Best Actress at Tropfest in 2002 and has voiced countless commercials and animations, including Happy Feet 2. She has became interested in home electrification after reading Saul Griffiths’ book The Big Switch, and has now improved the efficiency rating of her home from 2.9 stars to a ‘stellar’ 10. She is a passionate advocate for electrification, energy efficiency and making homes more resilient to climate change.
Heidi Lee Douglas is the CEO of Solar Citizens, an independent, community-based organization working to grow renewable energy and clean transport in Australia. She is also an independent councillor for Bayside Council in NSW. An award-winning film and television director, her films include Defendant 5, an acclaimed documentary about her personal battle with logging giant Gunns to stop the destruction of Tasmania’s forests. Gunns sued Heidi and 19 other defendants for $6.4 million, for plotting to destroy the company. When the case collapsed, it was Gunns that was bankrupted, not Heidi and her fellow defendants.
Paul Monaro has been a practicing physiotherapist since 1986 and running his own practice in Concord West since 1992. Apart from family, his interests include ocean kayaking, woodworking, playing guitar and camping. He has been an advocate for nature and the environment for as long as he can remember, and has fully electrified his home and on the way to doing the same with his business. He is also passionate about the need to address the problem of plastic production and waste if climate change is to be properly addressed.
Dr Emma Skowronski is a GP with an interest in child health, mental health, women’s health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. She trained at Sydney University and subsequently pursued diplomas in child health, obstetrics and gynaecology before starting her general practice training. Emma spent two years working in a remote community in Arnhem Land, before moving back to Sydney in 2021. She has long been concerned about environmental degradation and its impact on human health, so has been involved with Doctors for the Environment and the Climate and Health Alliance since 2016.

Electric vehicles (12.35-1.25pm)

This panel will look at the benefits of electric vehicles, from an economic and environmental perspective.

Michael DayMichael Day (chair) is National Treasurer of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, a role he has held for the past 12 years. He has an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering and 15 years’ experience in the design and conversion of electric vehicles. Michael is the product management lead for professional media at Telstra, and has worked extensively in the broadcast communications sector. Apart from having a compulsion for electric vehicle projects, he has a passion for improving awareness and dispelling myths about EV ownership, as well as performance EV construction and modifications.
Riz AkhtarRiz Akhtar is an engineer who spent the first 7 years of his career building transport infrastructure. Since purchasing his Tesla in 2019 he has been a passionate advocate for electric vehicles, and has been on committees in both the Tesla Owners Club of Australia and the Australian Electric Vehicle Association. Riz is Founder and CEO of carloop, a company specialising in Australian EV data, insight reports and trends, serving customers across industry and government. He is a regular contributor to The Driven and RenewEconomy, two of Australia’s premier websites dealing with renewable energy.
Sarah Aubrey is one of Australia’s top voice actors. She was the voice of Channel 7 for 15 years, won Best Actress at Tropfest in 2002 and has voiced countless commercials and animations, including Happy Feet 2. She has a keen interest in electric vehicles and became interested in home electrification after reading Saul Griffiths’ book The Big Switch. Following a home energy audit, she wanted to improve her low rating of 2.9 stars. After full electrification and several thermal improvements, she now lives in a 10 star home. She is a passionate advocate for electrification, energy efficiency and making homes more resilient to climate change. Her Instagram page, Electrify This, has 37,000 followers.
Dr Steven DuSteven Du is Vice Chair of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and NSW Representative of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA), both of which promote the adoption of EVs and a sustainable livestyle. After arriving in Australia as a refugee after the Vietnam War, he went on to serve as a lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy, then worked as a dentist in remote towns in NSW, in public hospitals, and in private practice. Steven is a tireless and passionate advocate for electrification, particularly in the transport sector. He is also on the committee of Climate Action Burwood-Canada Bay, and is one of the key organisers of the Smart Energy Expo.
Maryanne Duggan has over 30 years’ experience as a public administrator and senior leader in Federal, State and Local Government. She is a former Strathfield Councillor who successfully lobbied to initiate renewable energy initiatives and JOLT EV infrastructure in the Strathfield Area. She has worked in public policy development, human resource management, equity and diversity practice and academia. Maryanne holds a Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Sydney. She will be sharing her experiences as an EV owner and enthusiast. 

Councils (1.35-2.25pm)

This panel will look at what councils can do to facilitiate the electrification and decarbonisation process.

Ken Enderby (Chair) is the president of Climate Action Burwood/Canada Bay, a position he has held since 2021. Prior to his retirement in 2019, he was the head teacher of Career Pathways at Bankstown TAFE, where he taught history, economics and politics. He has 45 years’ experience as an activist in the areas of human rights, economic development and the environment in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, but now devotes his time almost exclusively to climate change. Ken has fully electrified his home, gets all his energy from renewables, drives an EV and offsets all his other emissions with Greenfleet.
James Conlan is Campaign Manager, Electrify Your Council, at 350.org Australia. 350.org campaigns against fossil fuel projects and for the transition to renewables. The number refers to what scientists believe to be the safe concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (The current level is 421!) James has been politically active his whole adult life, leading local community campaigns to improve sustainable transport and the environment, as well as joining social and environmental justice campaigns like Stop Adani. He’s currently an independent city councillor for Merri-bek Council.
Liz Locksley is Resilience & Sustainability Project Manager at the City of Canada Bay Council. She describes herself as a storyteller and narrator of systems for life: food, water, energy, movement, community and hope.